Earn To Die

[Left]: brake
[Righ]: accelerator
[Up]: tild up (uphill/jump/smash)
[Down]: tilt down

You have to escape from the city full of zombies. Use your car and update it with new spare parts to make stronger and faster. Earn money by killing zombies and spend it to add additional weapons for your car.

Reach the destination to get on the last helicopter to evacuate from this hell.
Earn To Die 2
Earn To Die 3
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Game Description

Earn To Die

Ean To Die is probably the most addictive flash game about killing zombies. That's why our website is fully dedicated to this awesome game and you can enjoy all versions of the game for free. The game is pretty interesting and addictive, that's why developers made it for almost all platforms, including android devices and IOs smartphones. At our website you can play the swf version of the game in your browser. So, the main mission of the player is to build a strong car and escape from city full of zombies. The problem is that the car you can afford at the beginning of the game is pretty slow and can't reach the helicopter zone to evacuate from this place. You have to earn some money and buy spare parts for your car to make it stronger and faster. There are a lot of things that you can upgrade for your car but the most important ones are : Fuel Tank, Engine,Transmission,Wheels and others. Everytime you make an upgrade to your car, it becomes faster and stronger. Keep in mind, that as soon as you fully upgrade the car, you will unlock the new one. Earn To Die offers you an awesome gameplay, with cute slow motion zombie kills and different maps. Enjoy the full version of Earn To Die game for free at our website.


The original version of the game series began in 2012 by the Russian studio - Toffee Games. The game was build using flash and became popular soon after release. Then the popular game website Not Doppler began to expand the fanchise and as a result today we have three versions of this awesome game. The second version of the game was published in 2015, the third (last one) version was released in 2017. Keep in mind that by the end of the 2020 year all flash games were disabled, so the developers released HTML5 versions of the game, you can now enjoy them on all devices.


Earn To Die Cars

The review of the gameplay is nothing without understanding the basic storyline of the game. You may know that the actions of the game take us to the apocalyptic wastelands, where the cities are full of zombies and you can survive only by building a powerful car and reaching the safe zone. The goal is to earn some money and upgrade your vehicle so it can go faster and kill more zombies. The more you play the game - the more money you get by killing zombies. When your existing car is upgraded to the max, you can purchase another car which is much stronger and faster but also needs upgrades. As you might guessed, the only way to complete the game is to upgrade all vehicles to the max. That's the same rule for all versions of the Earn To Die games.

Weapons & Combat

You can upgrade your car with a roof-mounted weapon with limited ammo. This weapon will kill zombies on your way and you won't be stopped by them. The higher your speed is - the more distance you can cover in the end. In latest version of the game you can also install spikes on your car, so you can knocks away zombies easily. The combat scenes in this game are perfect - when you kill several zombies at a time or just make a cute jump, the graphics become slow motion and you can notice all the detailes better. That's probably one of the most awesome things in this game.

Platforms & Download Links

You might know that first version of the game which was released more than 10 years ago was built using flash player but today we can't use it because Adobe officially shut down support for the flash games. Most of the games including Earn To Die was moved to a newer platform (HTML5) so today you can still enjoy your favorite game. The game is available as Web version at our website which can be accessed from any device but if you want to play the game in offline mode, you can download and install it on your smartphones. Links to download are available below.
For Android Devices
For Apple Devices

Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Game

What I like about this game :

The game has an interesting presentation and rather easy menu. The controls are also very simple.
Special effects - this is in fact the main factor why I enjoy the game so much. Awesome slow motion jumps when killing crowds of zombies.
An addictive and interesting storyline mode where you step by step upgrade your can and unlock new.

Things I don't like about this game :

In the first edition of the game there was an option which showed money you earned for the stunt or mass kill of zombies, while the HTML5 version does not have it.
The option of Boost is a bit silly - it does not gives you the required power and speed so I think that it is just a waste of in-game cash.
The music in this game repeats all the time and sometimes it is boring. I would like to have some variety of tracks.


Even though that the game has some disadvantages I love playing it because it reminds me of the old times when I used to play it at school. Even though that the storyline of the game is rather straightforward, I just enjoy upgrading the cars and killing zombies in slow motion stunts. I would give this game 4 stars out of 5 possible.

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