Drive Or Die

Drive Or Die is another racing game about zombies where you have to escape from the city full of zombies using your car. The game is very similar to the earn to die game but has a poor graphics. Anyway, the game is rather interesting and has it's storyline : your powerful car was ready to take you to the safe place when this hell with zombies started but you got in the car crash so now your mission is to build a new car and upgrade it to the max to get the chance to survive. Your new car is very weak - it has a small fuel tank, weak engine and other parts to your mission is to get some money and upgrade it. The main mission of the player is to reach the finish line and kill all zombies. Keep in mind that everytime you hit the zombie, the speed of your car drops and it needs more fuel and power to move on. At the same time, every killed zombie is an additional money for you. When the fuel tank will be empty, your car will just stop and the zombies will eat your brain. This game is pretty old, it was released many years ago but still it is rather popular among people who love playing zombie games. It is also very addictive because you want to upgrade your cat to the max and see how powerful it will become. Keep in mind that as soon as you upgrade your existing car to the max, the new cat will be unlocked which is more powerful by it's stock options than the previous one but it will also need some upgrade. Enjoy the Drive Or Die online game for free at our website.

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