Death Chase

Death Chase is one of the first racing game which I used to play when I was a kid and I am glad that this game is still available online. In fact it is not just a racing game, it's a battle between cars trying to destroy each other and willing to win the race. At the beginning of the game you control a small car which is pretty weak and your mission is to earn some money on the track. If you manage to finish 1st, you will be given more money. Keep in mind that the opponents will try to destroy your car using weapons and your skills of driving gonna be tested. When you gethered enough money, you can buy special upgrades for your car - for example you can upgrade the car engine so it will become more faster or you can certainly buy new wheels to make your car more stable during front flips and jumps. Keep in mind that you can also buy new cars which are more powerful and fast but that will cost you a lot of money. Remember that your number 1 mission is to finish faster than your opponents but at the same time you should not forget about the car itself. If you get involved into the car crash, your car will explode and you will respawn near the last checkpoing but in the end this will cost you first prize. Death Chase is really simple game with simple graphics but becomes very addictive as you start playing it. Enjoy the full version of the game for free at our website.

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Death Chase

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