Car Eats Car 2

Car Eats Car 2 is the second version of the very addictive and interesting racing game which is now available at our website. In fact, this game is unique because here you will fix a mixture of the classic racing game with elements of chasing, car upgrading, dangerous stunts and many more. In this game you will have to deal with a hungry and dangeous cars which are chasing you to destroy. Your mission is to overcome all obstacles on the track and reach the finish line faster than your opponents. Keep in mind that if the demonic vehicles will come close to you, they will drop your health bar and in the end just kill you. Your only weapon at the beginning of the game is your skills of driving. You have to use the Nitro where it is more useful to get the boost and jump over the obstacles. You will find some special icons on your way, some of the icons will refill your boost, while others will add some health. Another important thing that you should try to collect is heart. The more hearts you get in single race, the more upgrades can be unlocked for your car. Most of the upgrades are suitable for making your car stronger and faster, while others will give you additional weapons, for example exploding bombs and grenades. Remember that as you progresss in Car Eats Car 2, the number of enemies will increase. For example in the first level of the game there is only one demonic car while higher levels will feature 2,3 and even more deadly vehicles willing to eat you. The type of enemies also changes from level to level - they become more faster so getting upgrades for your car is very important. Each level of the game has tree types of difficulty - for newbile players it is better to start with the low difficulty option. Enjoy Car Eats Car 2 for free at our website.

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