Earn To Die 3

The developers of the game took a bit long to make the third version of the game, but it was worth waiting. The new version of Earn To Die 3 is just awesome with a lot of new cars, new type of zombies and maps. At the beginning of the game you can watch the small movie trailer to find out the game story. You can also click the skip button and start playing. As soon as you location on the map where you want to play, you will get to the garage. Your first car is a small buggy that you have to upgrade. Like any other game, at the beginning you don't have enough money to buy upgrades, so you have to earn some. Every time you make an effort to run from the zombieland,you earn money. The more money you earn - the more upgrades can be bought for your car. Keep in mind that there are several cars in Earn To Die 3 but only one of them is unlocked at the beginning of the journey. To unlock other cars you should upgrade your present car to the max. Enjoy playing Earn To Die 3 right now at our website.

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