Earn To Die 2

For those who have already complete the first earn to die game, let me introduce Earn To Die 2 with a lot of new stuff that you enjoy. The second version of the game continues the story and now you have to make another ride to find the safe place. Your cars are gone and you will have to start from the beginning - buying a new car and upgrading it to the max. In comparison to the first version of the game, here you will discover more interesting and powerful cars and trucks. The idea is still the same - earn some money by killing zombies and buy upgrades for the vehicle. Keep in mind that every time you make a ride, you are given money according to the number of zombies you killed and distance that you covered. There are also some bonus money on double and triple kills. The gameplay of Earn To Die 2 is pretty interesting and addictive so you won't get bored while playing it. Remember that you can also play Earn To Die 2 at your android devices. Have fun with us.

Earn To Die 2
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